Master A Simple & Fast Way to Profit From the 7-Figure Fashion Business With Direct-To-Film (DTF) Designs

I will give you N30,000 if it’s not possible to start this business

keep reading to see why I am so confident in this (…or I will give you N30,000) for not meeting the above conditions.

Now, let me show you how to grab your share of the market in the fashion design industry.

From the desk of Kiki Okewale,

Dear friend,

Give me 5 minutes and I will show you an UNCOMMON…but PROFITABLE way to get into the fashion business, in the next 48 hrs.

The shocking part about this business approach;

You can learn the business and get started immediately, without breaking the bank.

Picture This

You get access to a business, that doesn’t require your own capital to front-run it.

And this business can bring you a minimum of N100k profit per month (just as a side hustle) when you follow what I will reveal to you.

Tell me, how does that sound?

Now with this fashion business, you can support your family as a side hustle (or a full-time business).

The interesting part?

You can do this at your own convenience, whether

  • You are a student…
  • A stay-at-home mum…
  • A busy 9 to 5 worker (career person)…
  • Or a retiree.

Yes. Not your own money.

I will show you the EXACT process my mentees used to deliver their first jobs.

Just with the orders made from their customer’s initial payment.

Tell me, isn’t this amazing?

A business you can start, even without your own start-up capital.

Listen: You can showcase your designs to prospective clients and start the job with their own money…

Without a funding source from your end.

That way, the risk to this business is negligible, compared to the income it can produce.

So, let me introduce you to

Direct-To-Film (DTF) Design Business

Profit From The Designs You Make On These Fashion Items By Adding Value To It

Design For TShirts

Design For Bags

Design For Towels

What You’ll Learn From DTF Design Training?

Module 1

Basic Materials Needed For DTF Design

Discover the household materials (like your pressing iron) you need for this.

Module 2

How To Source For Designs in 30 Mins On Pinterest

If you are worried about creative design ideas to apply.

I will show you how to get creative designs and inspiration from Pinterest.

This had helped me with HOT and IN-DEMAND designs.

Module 3

How To Source For Design Ideas On Your Browser (For Free)

Design ideas you can just model and make it go into processing in an hour.

Module 4

How To Create Write-Up Design

Module 5

How To Create Your Unique Design On Canva

Master the simple use of Canva to create unique and beautiful designs easily.

Module 6

How To Make Mock-Up Designs that are Appealing.

Learn mock-up designs that stand you out from the market.

Module 7

Step-By-Step DTF Transfer On Any Fabric Or Item

Learn how to do DTF transfer on fashion items with ease and in a professional manner.


Ready-To-Go Bonuses To Help You Launch Fast.


20 Free Designs

Highly sellable design ideas you can get started with anywhere and make huge sales.


20 Free Designs

Highly sellable design ideas you can get started with anywhere and make huge sales.

Let’s say you get 50 collections of quality plain T-shirts for a fair wholesale deal.

You then source for 5 quality designs (or model my sellable designs) I will give you in this training.

And now transfer these designs to the TShirts.

How much profit do you think you can make selling each one?

Let me help you…

You can add a minimum of N2000 to the cost of each T-shirt.

Now, if you sell AT LEAST fifty of these TShirts.

That’s a 100k profit on a collection.

Let’s even assume you want to sell FASTER using the wholesale approach.

You can sell with a lower profit margin of N1000 per TShirt.

That’s still a 50K profit on that collection.

Tell me… Do you think this is achievable in a month?

Yes. Absolutely!.

Because every day people buy T-shirts. 

Both male and female.

Young and old.

Students and working class. 

There’s absolutely a huge market out there to sell to.

And this is just the TShirt niche.

 Not to mention other fashion items you can transfer these designs to.

So, are you ready to get into the 7 figure DTF Design business today?

Some Of My Students Who Have Benefitted From This Business

How To Get Started On DTF Design Business

Now, to get started in this training…

You only need a device (phone or laptop) and the internet.

Yes. That’s because you can learn this from anywhere, and at your own pace.

You can take out time to learn this during your break at work…

Or while your children are at school.

And with this, you can get started in no time.

But there’s a little commitment.

You only need to invest a small fee for this knowledge and get ready to go with the DTF business set-up in 48 hrs.

So, this usually goes for N50,000 for the physical training.

But because this is remote learning, and I don’t want pricing or location to be a barrier…

I will give this out for a N20,000 discount.

So, you can get access to this for ONLY N30,000 today…

…and be on your way to making N200k+ from this business monthly.

How To Get Started On DTF Design Business

Yes, like I said earlier in this letter…

When you sign up for this training, and…

It’s not possible to start this business…

Without Having Your Own Start-Up Capital.

✅Without Leaving Your Day Job.

✅Without Being In The Fashion Industry Before Now.

Just send me a message to this email [email protected], and I will refund you the N30,000 sign-up fee… without questioning you.

This is to show you how confident I am this fashion business will work for you no matter the experience or how busy you are.

Founder Blings & Blanks Academy.